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CS's Services


CS Corporation Limited offers numerous types of services for the valued customers. Let’s have a look at below:

As we mentioned before that CS Corporation Limited is a company with multi-diversified component. CS Corporation Limited individually and through its consortium provides a range of services. VRF HVAC is our another project of CS Corporation as we are very much experienced in electronics and Air-Condition market since 2001 and operated through Union Trade Impex Limited (UTIL).

Since CS Corporation’s beginning in 2009 our expert team of professionals has completed many projects successfully that achieved customer appreciations and satisfaction. 

CS Corporation Limited individually and through its consortium provides a range of services for architectural design and interior decoration for home or office, corporate & social events management and brand consultancy for business growth. We stay attuned to constantly hanging design techniques, innovations and we are all the time focused on the goal of any corporate event.

CS Corporation is also working with NGO’s, like – Concern Worldwide, Save the Children, IOM etc. as a sourcing company.

OXO Biodegradable: CS is the exclusive Agent & distributor of Symphony Environmental UK for its OXO Biodegradable additives. CS Biodegradable products ranges is Garbage bag, Bin Bag, Shopping bag, laundry bag, Garments Bag for local and international buyers.Our principals Symphony Environmental Limited UK OXO Biodegradable technology is sold into nearly 100 countries around the world with applications in retail, medical and manufacturing industries with a focus on the defence of both environmental and human health.To know more about Symphony please visit www.symphonyenvironmental.com

VRF Air-Condition: CS Corporation is an Agent of NINGBO DEKON REFRIGERATION EQUIPMENT CO., LTD China for VRF Air-condition. To know more about our manufacture/Principal pleasevisit:www.dekon-china.com

iFalcon Face Control Smart Glass: World’s first autonomous face recognition for police officers on patrol& Law Enforcement Department - NNTC is Dubai based software company working with CS Corporation Limited. Website:www.nntc.digital for details information.

Water Infrastructure Solutions: Working with SKAPS Industries (market leader of Water infrastructure/Slope Protection/River Training/ Embankment Solution) as an Exclusive Agent.  SKAPS expands its portfolio by introducing a unique product SKAPS HYDROTEX to provide water infrastructure solutions. To know more about our principle please visit:www.skaps.com

Sourcing company for NGO’s: As supplier for some of the largest active NGOs in Bangladesh, CS Corporation Limited supplies a range of relief items for use in emergencies at a reasonable cost. Items stocked include blankets, tarpaulins, mosquito nets, education and recreation kits, tents, hygiene kits etc. CS Corporation also supplies different products for NGOs, for instance – Halotab(water purification tablet), Bleaching Powder, Fitkari, Cap with various logo and embroidery, T-Shirt, Shawl, etc.

Event Management: Event management is considered one of the strategic marketing and communication tools by companies of all sizes. CS Corporation Limited can organize diverse corporate events, such as product launches, press conferences, corporate anniversary parties, meetings, conferences, and marketing programs such as road shows and grand opening events.

In every part of service or product, CS Corporation Limited a sister concern of Mirza Group strictly follows International Standards on Quality Management System to achieve customer reliability.


CS Corporation Limited Major Products list:






OXO Biodegradable

Garbage bag, Bin Bag, Shopping bag, laundry bag, Garments Bag, etc.


HVAC Systems

AC, VRF Systems.


Face Recognition Smart Glass

Autonomous face recognition for police officers on patrol & Law Enforcement Department.


Water Infrastructure Solutions

Slop protection, river embankment, under water concreting, erosion control.


Event Management

All kinds of Official Events, Workshop, Brand Promotion arrangement.



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