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Management (Union Fertilizer)

Mirza Saeed Ahmed, Managing Partner

Mirza Saeed Ahmed has been leading the Union Fertilizer since the launching of this organization. His expertise and proficiency in agriculture sector made him a real business icon for Union Fertilizer. As a leader he has the highest degree of knowledge about the company, business industry and technical issues. In depth understanding and skills allowed him to take valuable decisions and to understand the implications of those decisions for future business growth. As a person he is a real motivating character, he has the smartest leadership capabilities with long term vision.

Mirza Reaz Ahmed, Partner

Mirza Reaz Ahmed is also working with Union Fertilizer from the foundation of this company. As the Partner, he regularly monitors activities to ensure that they are being accomplished as planned and without any major deviations.

Accounts team

Our accounts team is very powerful and we included a good number of specialized chartered accounts and cost management professionals as our team members. The major focus of our accounting team is to monitor and control the financing and budgeting in different projects and programs and to ensure the transparency for the stakeholders by which investor’s confidence and trustworthiness increases a lot. Our accounts team also keeps records for all the accounting events and to analyze and report those accounting events by which our company management can easily get the glimpse regarding the amount earned from selling products and services.

Commercial team

Our commercial team mainly deals with the sales, marketing and procurement for the company. We have s group of skilled marketers and business persons with us under this team. Main focus of our commercial team is to create, communicate and deliver value to customers and for managing customer relationships in ways that benefit the valued Customer as well as the organization.


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