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Boron Bazar

In Bangladesh majority of our population lives in rural areas and engaged with agricultural activities which is main economic activity of our country. But our farmers comprise problems with lack of proper knowledge and awareness concerning the use of exact types and appropriate amount of fertilizers for their lands. Always it turns out enormous problems for the farmers; it can cause financial loss as well as the productivity of the lands would negatively affect in the long run. To set aside the farmers from this trouble, Union Trade Impex Limited commenced a new seam of diversification of Fertilizer’s to the farmers by providing the benefits of performance and positive awareness which is known as Boron Bazar".

Boron Bazar” was established as an information sharing center for the local farmers to enlighten with various aspects, presentations and benefits of fertilizer. It also invited and welcomed the respective Upazilla agriculture Officers to have technical feedback on it and requested to share information with farmers’ about the various positive aspects of our imported fertilizers, specially the abuses of molded fertilizers. the information sharing center and fertilizer sales point is as named “Boron Bazar” and was positioned at Kashinathpur bazaar of Pabna district.
In this “Boron Bazar” the farmers could purchase the original fertilizer products as well as they received the technical specifications, user manuals, remunerations and performance related information. The farmers also receive an instant knowledge of positive impacts of fertilizer’s. And they are very acutely warned for the misuses of molded fertilizers in their filed during harvesting. The positive side of Boron Bazar is that it eventually helps the farmers to save money, time and hassles by one stop sales point solution and guide them to select the appropriate ferlizer product and service solution required for their fields. “Boron Bazar” also benefitted the farmers by informing the appropriate amount of fertilizer that would considered necessary for their lands. Typically traditional fertilizer sellers/dealers have a common practice to suggest the farmers by advising improper amount or types of fertilizers (which are commercially profitable for the dealers only), which can easily increase cost of production for the farmers and also can be detrimental for the crop fertility of land in the long run by excessive usage of fertilizer.
The Union Trade Impex Limited has the ultimate future plan with the Boron Bazar to widen this movement in different upzilla’s of Bangladesh. Especially the next particular target is Rangpur zone. Very soon Union Trade Impex Limited will start Boron Bazar point in Rangpur area to create awareness and to share superior outcomes of the boron fertilizer with the farmers of Rangpur areas. The core objective of this Boron Bazar is to generate understanding in the farmer’s community about the perfect utilization of boron fertilizer in the field, about the using process of this fertilizer, about the commercial & technical benefits of this boron fertilizer over other products available in the current market.


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