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The major people in Bangladesh are engaged in the agricultural sector that plays a vital role in the national economy of our country. Farmers are the main contributor in this sector. But over the years, our farmers struggle to select the proper agricultural products and particularly the right types and amount of fertilizers for their crop fields due to lack of proper knowledge and unavailable information in the market. The traditional fertilizer marketers are only concerned about their own benefits. As a result of using adulterated fertilizers, the crop fields lost fertility, reduced productivity and the farmers have fallen into financial loss.

To enlighten the farmers with the proper information related to their farmland, Boron Bazar established in 2011 as an ethical farmer awareness point and knowledge sharing center. This socially approachable attempt fosters environment friendly farming, provides solutions to the problems of farmers as well as fight against the other adulterated Boron fertilizers in the market by sharing knowledge on the  real Boron.

Boron Bazar works in the farmers’ level and known as Farmers’ One Stop Solution Point in the local community. Local farmers visit the Boron Bazar Point, whenever they face any problem in the farming, discuss with our agriculture officers and go back with a proper solution.

Our Agricultural Officers work as a farmers’ friend and provide various solutions to the farmers from Boron Bazar Point, such as helps to understand the necessity of using essential fertilizers in the crop fields including Boron, measure the right amount of fertilizers that may need in a particular land, share the importance of real Boron in the soil, recognize the real Boron among other adulterated Boron products available in the market etc. that ultimately helps farmers to save money, time and avoid any other hassles.

Boron Bazaar is the country’s leading supplier of the real Boron, serves the country by distributing quality Boron in the market as well as research into Boron’s properties and applications. It has been strengthened its knowledge on Boron through a continuous research on B nutrition in the crops.

Boron Bazaar’s vision is, to focus on the development of livelihoods of marginalized farmers through sustainable habits and delivering better quality Boron. Its spirit is to develop, support and promote all steps towards open fair market of Boron, and protect the interest of the farmers in our country by increasing awareness about the quality and availability of the Boron fertilizers.

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